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Handmade boho jewelry with a spiritual vibe.

Please feel free to let your spirit and mind browse :-)

Welcome to Designs by Donnalee. We hope our unique selection of pieces will cover all of your jewelry needs, whatever they may be. Please enjoy the shopping experience and contact me with questions or comments.


My journey

Art is everywhere. Or the potential and inspiration for art is. It’s in a falling leaf, a towering skyscraper, a running creek, the waning moon, or even the very air that we breath. I’ve always felt it all around me. Waiting to come alive, but not knowing how to bring it forth. 

As a small child, I had a particular fondness for rocks. I was drawn to the energy and magic in all stones. I would gift my mother with my small finds, sometimes muddy and all. It wasn’t until much later in life that I would take a few silversmith classes and learn to encase these magic stones in sterling silver and copper. 

The smithing was fascinating to me from the moment I turned that first piece of simple, straight sterling wire to glorious hammered hoop earrings with some fire, solder, a hammer, and a bit of patience.

I am a very tactile person and I love the feel of the metal and stone in my hands. The bending, shaping, the bringing of the vision in your mind to life. And the knowing that your art is out there in the world, being worn and loved, and hopefully passed down. That thought alone is enough to make me want to continue to learn, grow, and share my pieces with you. 

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