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Handmade boho jewelry with a spiritual vibe.

Please feel free to let your spirit and mind browse :-)

Welcome to Designs by Donnalee. We hope our unique selection of pieces will cover all of your jewelry needs, whatever they may be. Please enjoy the shopping experience and contact me with questions or comments.


My journey

After spending most of my life working in corporate America and feeling like I just didn't quite fit the mold, I finally found something that made my heart sing. Right after my first Silversmithing class I was hooked! It was literally life changing for me. I took another class with two amazing woman, Kelly and Victoria, my mentors who I'll forever be grateful to, then I started buying every tool I could get my hands on and started hammering away.

Thank heavens for a supportive, and patient, husband!

What you see here is a collection of jewelry with a spiritual/bohemian feel that is all original and hand crafted, using sterling silver, 14 KT gold & rose gold filled, copper, gemstones, and crystals.

My items are all one of a kind and not mass marketed. As such, I don't have two stones that are identical, but if you see something that you would like a version of but the stone is not exactly what you want, please email me and we'll see if I have one that will work for you. If not, we'll create something

new and just as great just for you! Everything I create is made with love,

gratitude, a bit of uniqueness and good vibes.

Inspiration comes from everywhere - travels, nature, the magic you find in everyday life,

but mostly I just let the metal & gemstones speak to me and tell me what they want to be :-). 

I've put my heart into these pieces and I hope you find something here that will bring you

half the joy that I've put into them. 


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