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With an Opendoor offer, you can remove the contingencies sellers dislike. And we back your financed offer with our cash, which means that if you run into a problem with your financing, we'll buy it for you — making it as strong as cash. Buying, selling, or renting Colorado , 100" build decks for a minimal up-charge. This off-the-grid capable tiny home features , a home theater, queen size bed, 1 bathroom, heat and A/C. Like all homes, tiny houses have their pros and cons. Wondering if a tiny home is right for you? Try renting one for a vacation. You can rent a tiny house on AirBnB or VRBO, and there are even vacation rental resorts like A Tiny House Resort in upstate New York. This Montana home sits on a 10,500-square-foot lot. Buy this home and have room to build a bigger house on the expansive land.redfin land for saleIn addition to the osprey population the marsh attracts, the site of the Grove Point home also overlooks Sherwood Mill Pond, which still has active shellfishing operations, according to the Land Trust. On """"""""


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