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Sterling silver ring with malachite

Sterling silver ring with malachite

SKU: R107

Sterling silver ring with malachite. Approx 11/16"wide x 7/8" long on a leaf themed hand stamped sterling band. Fits a size 7+-.

  • Additional info

    All sterling and copper pieces come with a shine cloth. Through regular wear and tear, or just through time, your pieces may need occasional brightening. This cloth will bring them back to new in no time and will work on all your other silver and copper pieces too!

    All pieces with gemstones recharge and energize in sunlight and moonlight for 48 hours or more to be sure they're delivered to your home with only the highest and purest of energies.

    Piece is signed on band with my logo and the sterling silver stamp.

    Handmade with love and good vibes by me in Sandy Hook, CT.


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